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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Sapphire Townhouse ₱ 2.5 M 44.90 sqm Floor Area
Opal Duplex ₱ 3 M 53.60 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Reservation Fee - Php 20,000
Downpayment: Php 158,210
Term: 12 months to pay
Monthly downpayment: Php 13,184.16
Bank Financing
5 years @ 8% interest: Php 32,521
10 years @ 10% interest: Php 21,195
15 years @ 11% interest: Php 18,229.76

Why invest in Futura Home San Pedro ?

There are multiple reasons why you would consider investing in Futura Homes San Pedro. However, it is important that you get a piece of the investment, as the houses are selling very fast. The multiple factors that will lead you to invest in the homes will include;

Futura Homes San Pedro is located in a vicinity that is prime. It allows easy access and nearby shopping places, hospitals and schools among other developments. As you search for a location for your new home, you consider a location with multiple nearby institutions. This is the case with the Futura Homes San Pedro. You can get out to relax, and do business with ease.

House types
This is yet another reason why you should consider investing in this development. There e multiple house types, with different designs, living space and prices as well. When you have a small, or a big family, you can find the right house size for your convenient living. You can choose one that you are comfortable living in. ensure you get all the house models first, to make the best choice.

The homes are attracting multiple people who are interested in investing in the community. They have ensured to have the best and the right payment plans. They are suitable for most people, and are comfortable to your family budgets. The payment options will allow you to have the most comfortable life. You can get in agreement with the bank, and make your dream of owning a home in the settlement a reality.

Features and amenities
There are multiple features and amenities in Futura Homes San Pedro that will blow your mind away. They are on the inside and outside of the house. You can have time to relax and socialize, as the children have time and facilities to play. This is the perfect place for you to invest, and lead your family to have unlimited fun, at all times.
Secure living

Everyone needs to invest in a home for their family in a place they are assured of the security. The security in Futura Homes San Pedro is detailed. With a guarded gate and a perimeter fence. There are also security cameras installed at the gate, to ensure everyone who gets in the homes can be identified.

Investing in these homes is a great idea. Futura Homes San Pedro is the greatest place where you need to be. This is a great investment to make for your children. Enjoy living in a community whose security is not compromised. Get the best position of the home within the community, and you can be assured of serene and divine air flow, uninterrupted flow of air and a great chance to ensure that you can easily access the city center.

Ensure that you take advantage of the stronger and most recent building technology. Living in a home built in keen and care can be the perfect way for you to live. Secure your investment today, and you can reap multiple benefits from the community.

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